Breakfast by Dr. Seuss

It’s true. Big Doodle Heads really DO like green eggs and ham!

We recently made this at home with our son, and it was absolutely delicious. Based on a recipe in the “Green Eggs and Ham Cookbook,” we used a pre-cooked honey ham, fresh cilantro, avocado, apple-mint jelly, and eggs. We had yummy ham leftovers for a few days.

Do you like green eggs and ham? If so, you can make them yourself. Just be sure to eat them in a house, with a mouse, in a box, with a fox …

No classic fairy tale ending here: Bye bye to Borders Bookstore

Once upon a time, I was abandoned at a Borders Bookstore. Seriously. My college roommate just up and left me there.

Sounds like a tragedy, I know — I can see the title now: “Shelved & Forgotten: College student left to fend for herself in big box bookstore.”

We had driven across town to the only Borders in Las Vegas, at the time. My roommate went one way. I went the other, and was instantly absorbed amidst the aisles of books. My roommate, meanwhile, was bored and ready to leave — and (in these pre-cell phone times) apparently couldn’t find me — so she … left. Yes, it’s weird. One, that she left without me; But more importantly, how do you get bored in a bookstore? Continue reading

“Candy Store at the Edge of the Galaxy” – Life is Sweet!

“At the edge of the galaxy, I opened a door. It swung right into a candy store.”

Almost 4 years ago, Howard and I sat in our living room drawing and writing, not realizing at the time we were conceiving our first book. We were just being creative for the sake of being creative. Time passed … as time tends to do. We had a son, we moved to a new house, the drawings and writing got shoved into a random pile of papers.

But here we are today, and what began as a bunch of doodles and scribbles on random scraps of paper is now “Candy Store at the Edge of the Galaxy,” the first book from our publishing company Big Doodle Head. Continue reading

The proof, the whole proof and nothing but the proof


Our proof of “Candy Store at the Edge of the Galaxy” arrived in the mail today, and it is getting the once over from our toughest critic. Once we give our stamp of approval, the book will officially be available for purchase online!

“Candy Store” now floating through POD galaxy in time for July 2011 release

Well, there’s no turning back now. “Candy Store at the Edge of the Galaxy” is now in the capable hands of Create Space, and our book should be available for purchase before the end of July. Hooray!

Choosing whether to go with a print on demand service (POD) or the traditional printing route wasn’t easy. I read a bunch of blogs about the pros and cons of POD, some more helpful than others. We eventually agreed on the POD service, Create Space (which is owned by The process has been user friendly. Continue reading