Samsung Galaxy Note caricature artist drawn to technology at CES 2012

See more of Howard’s caricatures from CES 2012, here.

A new “Candy Store at the Edge of the Galaxy” fan

We were fortunate to make several new fans at the 2011 Vegas Valley Children’s Book Festival on November 4, 2011. The festival at the Historic 5th Street School in downtown Las Vegas was absolutely amazing. We were very grateful for the opportunity to participate.

A new fan shows off his new book and the newly invented candy bar he designed on a Big Doodle Head activity sheet. To see more photos from the book fest, visit Big Doodle Head's Facebook page.

An out-of-this-world book signing

"Candy Store at the Edge of the Galaxy" book signing at Rocket Fizz Las Vegas on October 22, 2011. Too see more photos, visit Big Doodle Head's Facebook Page.

Wordless Wednesday: Our book’s new home at Rocket Fizz Vegas