Breakfast by Dr. Seuss

It’s true. Big Doodle Heads really¬†DO¬†like green eggs and ham!

We recently made this at home with our son, and it was absolutely delicious. Based on a recipe in the “Green Eggs and Ham Cookbook,” we used a pre-cooked honey ham, fresh cilantro, avocado, apple-mint jelly, and eggs. We had yummy ham leftovers for a few days.

Do you like green eggs and ham? If so, you can make them yourself. Just be sure to eat them in a house, with a mouse, in a box, with a fox …

Free Activity Page – Invent A Brand New Candy Bar!

The Big Doodle Head Chocolate Factory needs you! Can you help us invent the next big candy bar?! Print the free activity page below, and start doodling:

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Free Coloring Page – “Candy Store At the Edge of the Galaxy”

In honor of National Lollipop Day, please enjoy this free Coloring Page (calorie-free too!) from Big Doodle Head:

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Free Coloring Page – Classic Storybook Scene

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