The proof, the whole proof and nothing but the proof


Our proof of “Candy Store at the Edge of the Galaxy” arrived in the mail today, and it is getting the once over from our toughest critic. Once we give our stamp of approval, the book will officially be available for purchase online!

“Candy Store” now floating through POD galaxy in time for July 2011 release

Well, there’s no turning back now. “Candy Store at the Edge of the Galaxy” is now in the capable hands of Create Space, and our book should be available for purchase before the end of July. Hooray!

Choosing whether to go with a print on demand service (POD) or the traditional printing route wasn’t easy. I read a bunch of blogs about the pros and cons of POD, some more helpful than others. We eventually agreed on the POD service, Create Space (which is owned by The process has been user friendly. Continue reading