eBooks, and iPads, and kids, oh my!

Are traditional books a way of the past? For our own part, we sure hope not! But, for the sake of argument, we recently asked our facebook friends and fans about their preferred method for reading to their children:

As you can see above, only 2 voters out of a total of 40 said they prefer reading to their child by “Rockin’ a mobile device like a Kindle, or NOOK.” One voter added his own option, (and gave us a nice plug), garnering 3 votes: “I typically read him Candy Store at the Edge of the Galaxy” (Tee hee- Thanks guys!). Only 1 voter answered: “Turning on the closed captioning” (probably joking, right?!?!). That means “Curling up with a traditional book the good ole fashion way” garnered a whopping 34 votes!

We were pleased with the results of our poll. Then again, we must admit our friends and fans tend to skew age 30 and above (old enough to remember life without that magical system of tubes called the internet). Does that make the difference?

So, fellow parents, how about you? We want to know where you stand on reading. Please take our poll and feel free to comment on our post below with your thoughts ! If you don’t have kids, let us know your own preferred reading method.

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