Candy Store at the Edge of the Galaxy

The Relativity of Gardening
Excerpt from Candy Store at the Edge of the Galaxy

About the Book

A fish with a feline-sized appetite …

A strip poker swindling bear …

A land where all the letters of the alphabet spell well together…

And (of course) a candy store in space…

Launch your imagination into orbit with an out-of-this-world anthology of poems and drawings by married creatives Aleza Freeman (starry-eyed writer) and Howard Freeman (spaced-out artist). Fun for children and entertaining for adults, Candy Store at the Edge of the Galaxy introduces you to a collection of quirky characters you won’t soon forget.



This book is bursting with creativity, from it’s playful and lighthearted “scribbles” (poetry) to it’s colorful and lively “doodles” (illustrations)! It most certainly is like a modern day Shel Silverstein book–made me smile from cover to cover. -Wendy

The title is very cute, but that does not compare to the creative poems and bright, fun ,whimsical drawings. An entertaining read for everyone. -Robyn24

I look forward to the next book from the Freemans! – Mandy

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